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Residential Traditional Sales Testimonials

Glenn & Carol Colson

We purchased our primary home from Tammy Dietz in 2007 and found her to be honest and very professional. We than went on to purchase another 4 homes from Tammy. She is fantastic, we have recommended her to everyone we know looking to sell or buy property. We have worked with other realtors before finding Tammy and would Never recomend them. Tammy Deitz is the BEST!

Teri Morgan

My father recently passed away and I found myself with a home to sell. I didn't know who to list this house with and my mother recommended Tammy. She's likeable, professional, has the knowledge you need when you are going through an inherited estate. Helped me with getting estatements for a broken sewer line that needed repaired. Five days after listing my fathers home I had a contract. I highly recommend Tammy she made a tuff time smooth and easy

Suzi Morris

Suzi hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2009 (From LinkedIn)                                

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity                                  

“I was very impressed with Tammy's knowledge, integrity, and client  service.  I certainly recommend her.” March 3, 2013

Johnathan Graham

She helped me sell my old house and get into a new one. She was very knowledgeable and helped us get the right house we could afford. I recommend her to anyone who’s looking to buy, or sell a home. She’s the best Realtor I’ve ever worked with, and I’ll be using her again when we decide to purchase our next house!

Don Moeller

Tammy did a very good job in selling our home three years ago. She was very thourgh in all she did to sell our home. I would highly recommend Tammy. She did one heck of a good job for selling our home.

Lisa Fitch

Tammy is the best.She sold my home so quickly and did all the work when I had a lot going on. I had talked to several people about listing my home but didn't feel like they were going to really put much effort into it.I met Tammy and knew right away she would get it sold and she did quicker than I even hoped for.

 She was great and I recommend her to everyone I meet that's looking for a 1st class Realtor.

Steve Burgess

Tammy was absolutely the BEST !! She made the whole process smooth and painless. Highly recomended

Tanya Pinyon

She knows what she is talking about

 Jerry Robinson

(client)Jerry hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2011   (From LinkedIn)                                

Top qualities:   Great Results, Personable,  On Time                                  

“Tammy handled the sale of my property with dispatch and expertise. I would use her services again.”

Tristan Johnson

(client)Tristan hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2011   (From LinkedIn)                                

Top qualities:  Great Results,  Personable, Creative                                  

“Tammy has a unique combination of attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and a great personality that doesn't come off to her clients in an adverse manner. In other words, she has all the skills and tools to make it happen! To sum it up, she has the ability to wrap all of that into a personable experience for her clients and make it enjoyable when it comes to meeting her clients real estate needs and home buying and selling needs. She is fantastic with response time, turnaround time on real estate  transactions and providing periodic updates in the appropriate manner. She has good communication skills and that is perhaps her strongest asset. I strongly endorse Tammy for anyone looking to buy or sell a home casually or quickly.” March 1, 2013

Don Morris

(client)Don hired you as a  Real Estate Agent in 2010       (From LinkedIn)                            

Top qualities: Great Results,  Expert, High Integrity                                  

“I worked with Tammy during the sale of my home in 2010.  I found her to be very capable.  She has an attention to details, knowledge of the housing market and banking, and I found her to be tenacious and a closer.  I highly recommend Tammy as a realtor.” 

Karen Kringle

Tammy actually helped me sell a rental property and buy another. I was happy with the outcome of both transactions, which happened quickly and smoothly. She's a hard worker and very professional, yet down to earth and likeable. I definitely recommend her!

Megan Seif

Tammy is the best realtor I have every had the opportunity to work with. She was very professional and efficient and I have recommended her to many people. I would definitely use her again!


Tammy was the most positive hard working professional I have dealt with in a long time. She was always there even in a pinch she had a solution for the problem. I highly recomend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell !!! 


Short Sale Client Testimonials

 Hal Kellerman

(client)Hal hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2006 and hired you more than once     (From LinkedIn)                             

Top qualities:  Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity                                  

“Tammy saved our bacon multiple times durring the economic down turn. She was so helpful to us that I recommended her to my mother, if that isnt an endorsement of the highest type! I will never use another agent as long as Tammy is working!”

Eric and Lisa Fuehrer

Tammy and Char with the Deitz Group made a difficult and emotional situation for us, go as smooth as possible.  Tammy is by far the most knowledgeable Realtor I have ever met regarding short sales.  She has so much experience dealing with banks and knows exactly how to proceed in each step of the process.  Even when faced with what seems like a major hurdle, she has the know-how to get over it and helped us sell our home as quickly as possible before any foreclosure proceedings had ever started.  We will definitely be choosing the Deitz Group for all of our future real estate needs.  Thank you Tammy and Char for everything.

Eric and Lisa Fuehrer

Megan K
*After 3 real estate agents, 2 years of being on the market and a couple of rental attempts, we didn't know what we would do with our investment properties.  Tammy's  caring, knowledgable advice had our houses sold in a few months.  She always kept us informed about what was going on and looked out for our best interest.  We never knew that the short sale process could be so painless - it saved not only our credit, but our peace of mind. *

Kris and Jennifer G.

It was a pleasure working with Tammy to short-sell our house!  She made a bad situation bearable and took the stress off of us.  She worked hard going back and forth between our mortgage company and buyers to work out a deal.  If it wasn't for her, we would have been foreclosed upon for sure.  She was always very reassuring and doesn't know the meaning of the word "can't"!  Words can't express our appreciation to her for all of her hard work she put in for us!

Thanks again, Tammy!  You're the best! :)  
Kris and Jennifer G.

John H 

To Whom It May Concern...

My name is John H and I want to inform anyone that may be selling a home, condo or piece of property on a short sale, that when you chose the Tammy Dietz team, you are picking the "cream of the crop". There are not enough good words in the dictionary to their dedication, devotion, hard work, and expertise, along with the knowledge of the job they have to accomplish. This is what you would call the "A" team.


Nicholas C

Before I worked with Tammy to sell our property, I was always under the impression that shortsales weren't exactly an easy process.  What a difference she made!  She was very informative, explained every step, and she basically held our hands throughout the entire process.  I would not only refer her business, I would hire her in a heartbeat!  Thoroughly impressed!!!  

Debbie Tutygrs

Tammy helped me with a short sale. She dealt with possible buyers, other realtors, my HOA (which was ridiculous), me and during the time of the sale, my husband passed away - which required more and more paperwork. She was supportive and knowledgeable and did as much as she could to keep me out of all the commotion. I truly appreciated her expertise and all the work she did. 

Noah N. 

Tammy was wonderful. She really went the extra mile to accomplish things that I did not think was possible. Her hard work helped me close a deal for a short sale that kept me from having a foreclosure on my record. I can not thank her enough or recommend her enough. 

 P. Bennett

Good morning Tammy, 

First off I want to thank you and your team for thr hard work and tireless effort you have put into the short sale of my home.

Like so many others in 2009 I found myself in a seemingless helpless situation with a home I could not afford to keep. After many failed attemts to have the banks help me either refinance or get a second mortage I felt defeated and betrayed by the system. All I knew is that I owed more money on my home than it was worth. I was never late with my payments and had "ok" credit and still could not gt anyone to help me to stop foreclosure and a crippeling blow to my credit rating.

A close family friend recomended Tammy Deitz and the Deitz Group to me and assured me that they will take care of me.

After another failed attempt with a mortage company ( the guy actuall laughed me out of his office ) I made that call.

Speaking with Tammy  gave me hope and big rellieve for the first time in month. She was the most helpful and positive person I have met in a long time.

A couple of days after the initial call we met and she had already done her "home work" and gave me some great ideas that helped right away.

A few more weeks went by and I had the first showing...... Tammy prepared me very well for it and continued to assure me that we will get the home sold.

There were many times I called Tammy and checked on the progress of the sale and to my amazement she had personal contact to my bank and several realestate agents who had interested clients. During the few month that it took to sell my home Tammy had taken care of everything for me including bothersome calls from the bank and such.

After my home sold I thought that my credit rating would be pretty bad, but once again I learned that I only had a few points ( 50 to be exact ) taken off my rating. And was able to finance a car just a few month after the short sale of my home !!!

Once again I would like to thank you and your team. There are many preadators out there that want to profit by others hardships and it is good to know that you were there to keep these kind of people away from me, You took care of me as if I was one of your family members !!!

Thanks again

P. Bennett

Joyce P.

(client)Joyce hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2012          (From LinkedIn)                         

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity                                  

“Tammy is a very personable individual who really cares about what she is doing and the results that she gets.  Tammy was always there when I needed her.  Tammy went way out of her way for a job well done.” March 1, 2013

Linzy P.

I had to do a short sale on my property and Tammy and Char were amazing. They are very knowledgeable and great to work with. I would recommend them for any of you real estate needs.


Purchasing Testimonials

 Glenn & Carol Colson

We purchased our primary home from Tammy Dietz in 2007 and found her to be honest and very professional. We than went on to purchase another 4 homes from Tammy. She is fantastic, we have recommended her to everyone we know looking to sell or buy property. We have worked with other realtors before finding Tammy and would Never recomend them. Tammy Deitz is the BEST!

Steve Osterfoss

(client)Steve hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2010     (From LinkedIn)                              

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert,High Integrity                                  

“Tammy Deitz and I served together as volunteer directors for our community.  I was immediately struck with Tammy’s organizational skills, work ethic, and knowledge of the community.  When I needed to select a realtor for a new home purchase, there was no doubt in my mind who I wanted to work with.  Tammy guided me through the entire process in a professional manner.  She provided great insights to various communities we examined, provided comp listings to ensure a fair offer was presented to the seller, and guided me to other professional services required to complete the transaction.  There was never a moment throughout the entire process that Tammy did not have my best interest in the forefront of our conversations.  I highly recommend Tammy to anyone seeking a professional realtor, I know I will rely on her for any other transactions I have in the future.” March 9, 2013

Dana Lipfert

(client)Dana hired you as a Real Estate Agent in 2012     (From LinkedIn)                              

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time                                  

“I am very glad to have hired Tammy as our realtor when purchasing our home in August 2012.  My boyfriend and I were first-time home buyers and not quite sure what we should be looking for.  Tammy gave us great advice on things to look for when picking a house, had a very flexible schedule for viewings, she was always very friendly and was never pushy or in a rush.  She was also a huge ally in negotiating the contract,  I feel like we got an amazing deal on the house we purchased and we are still happy with our home to this day.  If I was looking to buy a house again I would definitely hire Tammy again, but we got it right the first time : ) 

Greg White

My experience with Tammy as a realtor was phenomenal. She is the most hard work and professional realtor. I live out of state and Tammy gave me the peace-of-mind knowing she was looking out for my best interests. I highly recommend Tammy for any of your real estate needs.

Jon Henthorne

Tammy Deitz helped me buy my house and would recommend her to everyone that is buying or selling a home.

Karen Kringle

Tammy actually helped me sell a rental property and buy another. I was happy with the outcome of both transactions, which happened quickly and smoothly. She's a hard worker and very professional, yet down to earth and likeable. I definitely recommend her!


Johnathan Graham

She helped me sell my old house and get into a new one. She was very knowledgeable and helped us get the right house we could afford. I recommend her to anyone who’s looking to buy, or sell a home. She’s the best Realtor I’ve ever worked with, and I’ll be using her again when we decide to purchase our next house!

Colleague  Testimonials

Christine Starr

, Owner/Broker, Diamond Realty Starr (business partner) was with another company when working with you    (From LinkedIn)                      

“Tammy was wonderful to work with. We had a difficult reo to close and she was very helpful and strategic getting to the finish line!” March 5, 2013

Hannah Wilson

, Mortgage Sales Associate, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (colleague) worked directly with you                        

“If Tammy can't get it done, it simply cannot be done.  Tammy works hard by putting compassion, avid skill and elbow grease into every one of her transactions.  She is as knowledgeable as she is hardworking and provides not only the wide array of services required for the vast short sale business but the mentorship and guidance to those around her looking for help.” March 1, 2013


, BROKER ASSOCIATE, RE/MAX 100 (colleague) worked directly with you        (From LinkedIn)                  

“I would strongly recommend Tammy only to those individuals looking for and expecting the highest results possible in a real estate transaction.  She deeply cares about the needs of her clients, always treating them in the most professional manner possible. While extremely ethical and honest, she is never reluctant to express the true nature of a transaction to her clients when problems occur. Tammy is highly organized and systems structured. Among her strongest talents are her people skills and problem solving abilities.” March 1, 2013

 Patty Ranberger

, Broker Associate - MB Morris & CO, Metro Brokers Professionals (colleague) worked with you                        

“I worked with Tammy on a short sale last year. Short sales can be challenging, but Tammy was on the ball! She communicated with me throughout the process, and worked tirelessly to get my buyers to closing table in a timely manner. We were all so pleased with her efforts - Tammy, and her team did a great job! Patty Ranberger Metro Brokers” March 25, 2013 

Ray Washburn

, Home Inspector, A-Pro Home Inspection Services (business partner) was with another company when working with you               (From LinkedIn)           

“Tammy is a great realtor I like how she truely cares for her clients best interest on the real estate transaction that is so important.” March 1, 2013

Gene Celano

, Broker, Real Estate Connection (colleague) worked with you      (From LinkedIn)                    

“Tammy is smart, hard worker, knows her business well and always makes her clients needs number one, and gets the job done professionally.” March 1, 2013

Joel Morin

, Owner/Broker, Morin Realty (colleague) worked directly with you           (From LinkedIn)               

“As a newbie Realtor, I learned the ropes from Tammy as her Buyer's Agent what must have been five or six years ago.  Tammy is the premier "short sale" expert and loves to help homeowners in need who are under water with their mortgage facing foreclosure. As the owner of my own Real Estate Brokerage, I run into a lot of folks in this situation.  Short sales, in all honesty from a professional perspective, are a HUGE pain in the rear for me as a Realtor.  They are time consuming, thankless sales that require patience, resoluteness, and an intestinal fortitude that is not for the meek Realtor in dealing with foreclosing banks.  Yet, you need someone kind-hearted and self-giving to work with sellers losing their house. Tammy has proven time and time again that she has all of the above traits.  I could consider Tammy a competitor since she owns her own firm.  Yet I think of her as a friend and more importantly, my "go-to" agent when I come across folks in distress.   I fully endorse Tammy as your "short-sale" expert.  She'll save folks the pains of foreclosure and get the deals "done!"” March 1, 2013

Chris Hauber

, Mortgage Professional, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation (business partner) was with another company when working with you               (From LinkedIn)           

“Tammy is a top notch realtor. As a Loan Officer who primarily deals with purchases, I have worked with many Buyer and Listing Agents. When I worked with Tammy, she was a Listing Agent who provided excellent communication and professionalism throughout the process. Tammy and her team made this a memorable experience for both her client and my team at Fairway. I would highly recommend Tammy to help you sell your home! Chris Hauber” March 1, 2013

Robert Baker

, Broker Associate, Re/Max 100, Inc. (colleague) worked directly with you     (From LinkedIn)                     

“Tammy is a dedicated short sale specialist! Knowledgeable and result oriented. I have enjoyed working with her and appreciate her expertise! RB” March 1, 2013 

Other Testimonials

Dick Bird (From LinkedIn)

, Territory Sales Manager, Hobart Corporation (business partner)     (From LinkedIn)                                           

“Met Tammy thru the West Sixth area HOA in West Denver. Admired her markeing and communication skills.” May 7, 2013

Luke Scott (From Linked In)

, Training and Documentation Coordinator, Quantum Corporation (business partner)  was with another company when working with you      (From LinkedIn)                    

“Tammy is a knowledgeable, hard working individual who seeks to ensure her clients satisfaction, regardless of the circumstances. Her no nonsense work ethic makes her a valuable resource to any team that she is a participant of.” March 1, 2013









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